Woman gives birth to zombie baby

Monrovia CA - Fri, 16 Nov 2007

Doctors at a hospital in Monrovia are baffled by the first recorded case of a zombie baby being delivered from a mother who is clearly not undead. The mother, who's name has not been disclosed because she is a minor, arrived at the hospital just minutes before giving birth to the zombie. The doctor performing the delivery noted a strong, putrid odor during the birth, and was startled when the newborn infant apparently tried to bite his finger. Fortunately the baby had no teeth and the doctor was not infected. The mother has been quarantined since the delivery and has not shown any symptoms of zombification yet. The incident has raised new questions about the origin of the deadly infection, leading some to attribute it to a genetic mutation. It has long been established that humans become infected when the zombie virus enters the bloodstream, hence the fact that the mother appears to be completely healthy is bewildering. But what is truly confounding is how the infant became infected. One possible cause is that the baby became infected during an Amniocentesis procedure, but given the mother's age it is unlikely that this procedure would have been done. No medical records for the mother have been released, so any theories are just speculation.