28 Days Later (2002)

Directed by Danny Boyle

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Rating 4 (Pretty Damn Good)
Gore Score 3 (Bloody Moments)
Special Effects 3 (Pretty Decent)
Comedy Score 1 (Not Funny)
Horror Score 4 (Very Scary)
Nudity Score 2 (Just a Glimpse)

Movie Review by Al Fleshrot

I will not refer to the infected humans as zombies, but rather just "infected". Please see the review for details... A group of monkey-loving fools break into a lab in London and open the cage of a monkey infected with the "Rage" virus...28 days later Jim the courier boy wakes up in an abandoned hospital. He soons find the entire city apparently abandoned and finally wanders into a church where he is attacked by an infected. More infected awaken and chase after him as he flees the church to be rescued by Selena and her friend who use Molotov cocktails to incinerate the monsters. The next day the trio heads to Jim's house where he finds his parents dead in their bedroom (a double suicide). They stay at the house for the night, but some of the infected find them and attack. Selena's friend is bitten so she violently hacks him to death with a machete before he succumbs to the virus. Jim and Selena look for safety elsewhere and hook up with Frank and his daughter Hannah who are hiding out in their apartment. The four decide to head up to a military outpost that has been broadcasting safe haven over the radio. When they reach the base, Frank gets infected and is shot by soldiers. Jim, Selena and Hanna are transported to a fortified mansion manned by several very lonely soldiers. Unfortunately, their plan was to lure women to the base for what the commander referred to as securing the future, but in reality meant a bunch of horny guys raping them! Jim disagrees with their plans, but before they can rape either of the girls Jim escapes his execution and causes havoc by releasing a chained up infected. Soon all of the soldiers are infected or killed. Jim, Selena and Hannah escape to safety and the movie ends with them sewing a huge sign saying "Hello" to a passing military jet.

Technically, this movie isn't actually about zombies, but the humans infected by the "rage" virus exhibit very similar behaviors. The have an insatiable lust to attack non-infected humans and those bitten in turn become infected. Worse, if any infected blood gets in your eyes, nose or mouth that is also sufficient to cause infection. And they apparently don't attack other infected people. The key difference is that the infected aren't actually dead and can be killed just like a normal person. Once someone gets the infection, it only takes about 10-20 seconds for the rage to take over. Although never directly stated, I got the impression that an infected person would eventually die of starvation. Despite not being about zombies, this is still a pretty good movie. It's certainly not a B-level production, as the directing and acting are very good.

Zombie Traits

Speed 2 (Human)
Intelligence 3 (Caveman)
Strength 2 (Normal)
Zombie Sourceblood virus called "Rage" originating from lab monkeys

The infected aren't really zombies - they aren't dead, just enraged by a virus. But they spread their disease just like zombies. They also run full speed, not exhibiting the general lack of coordination typical of zombies.

Best Zombie Kill
Unfortunately, there were no gut wrenching scenes in this film displaying intestines spilling out or limbs being ripped torn off! But there was a good scene in the end when they were escaping the military compound. The last surviving soldier was waiting in the car, so Hannah backed it up through a gate into the path of the infected. They smashed the back window and pulled the soldier out as he screamed.

Best Zombie Death
When Selena's companion is bitten by some infected humans at Jim's house, he pleads with her not to kill him. But she is ruthless and hacks off his infected arm with a machete, and then finishes the job by repeatedly slashing him, causing blood to spray everywhere. Later she tells Jim she would do the same to him in a heartbeat.

Memorable Scene
When Jim escapes the soldiers ordered to execute him and dump his body, he heads back to the compound to save his friends. An infected soldier has been chained up in a courtyard by the commander for study. Jim shoots the chain from the safety of a high wall and the enraged soldier proceeds to run through the house attacking, killing, and infecting the other soldiers. It's actually one of the more frightening scenes in the film and certainly the climax of all the action.

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