Dead Men Walking (2005)

Directed by Peter Mervis

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Rating 3 (Entertaining)
Gore Score 5 (Guts Galore)
Special Effects 3 (Pretty Decent)
Comedy Score 2 (Mildly Humorous)
Horror Score 2 (Mildly Scary)
Nudity Score 2 (Just a Glimpse)

Movie Review by Al Fleshrot

Another movie with the fantastic combination of two B-movie staples: prison and zombies. When a bio-engineered toxin infects four of Travis' friends, he has no choice and blows them all away with a shotty. Unfortunately the last kill was a bit close and Travis is covered with infected blood. We later learn that the infection takes anywhere from minutes to hours before the victim becomes a zombie. Amazingly Travis ends up in a maximum security prison before that can happen (so much for a fair trial!). By this point he's deathly ill and is taken to the infirmary where he promptly pukes blood all over the poor doctor's face. Finally he's taken to solitary, starts acting like a raving lunatic, and gets a load of buckshot to the face from the head prison guard Sweeney. Too bad for Sweeney, because he also gets blood spewed all over his face and becomes infected.

Meanwhile CDC agent Beckett arrives at the prison to investigate the now deceased prisoner (Travis). Apparently she's not fully informed about the situation, but knows the infection is potentially dangerous. What starts out as a routine investigation turns into full blown chaos as the infection spreads rapidly throughout the prison. The prison is quarantined, and the guards attempt to control the situation with a lockdown. Finally it's revealed that the government knew a lot more than they let on, and the whole episode was essentially about putting someone with a dangerous and highly contagious infection in an environment where the people are expendable.

Sweeney must have a pretty tough constitution because he's one of the first people infected but manages to run the show while the prisoners rapidly become a ravenous zombie horde. One by one the guards are overcome and ultimately only Beckett is uninfected. But when she gets outside into the prison yard a sniper calmly blows her away.

There's really nothing original here at all, but it's still a fun ride. The whole plot is eerily similar to another movie on this site, Zombie Death House, but I have to give the nod to this film as being slightly better overall. The special effects are a mixed bag as if they only had enough cash to concentrate on the disembowelment scenes and the primary actors; the bulk of the zombies were bland and unbelievable. The title of the movie could have been "The Puking Zombies that Rip Your Guts Out": the infected victims that hadn't quite become zombies always managed to puke up gobs of blood all over the people around them, and there were several scenes of some poor guy laying on the ground having his intestines and organs ripped out and munched on by a group of zombies.

The biggest problem with this movie (and with a lot of B movies) is the incredulity of the people who are too dense to realize some really bad shit is happening. You've got deathly ill people violently puking up blood all over the place, and everyone says it might be something to worry about. This is supposed to be a maximum security prison, but dangerous inmates are apparently allowed to be escorted by a single guard with no restraints!

I don't know much about the band Substance D, but the music they used for this movie was awesome. After watching this movie I'll definitely be checking this band out. If you like good metal, you'll at least enjoy the score if you think the movie sucks.

Zombie Traits

Speed 2 (Human)
Intelligence 3 (Caveman)
Strength 2 (Normal)
Zombie SourceHuman engineered biotoxin

Zombies act like lunatics and move at normal human speed. As explained in the movie, once infected it can take just minutes or hours to turn as it depends on the victim's genetic makeup. The prime area of attack was the abdominal area, but that could just be because the director had a thing for showing entrails being ripped out of people.

Best Zombie Kill
There were numerous scenes of hapless guards having their guts ripped out, so I'll give the nod to the poor guard who gets his arm pulled through the bars by the mass of zombies on the other side. It takes awhile, but you know it's coming when his arm is ripped completely off at the shoulder. He does manage to cuss them out and keep firing his gun at them with his remaining arm!

Best Zombie Death
Most of the zombies are just gunned down with little to no satisfaction. The first zombie, Travis, gets a direct shot to the face from prison guard Sweeney when he rushes out of his solitary cell in a rage. The lower half of his face is a mess, and one of the few decent effects.

Memorable Scene
It's a prison movie, so conjugal visit sex (as defined by the great George Costanza) is a must! Although it has absolutely no relevance to the film, we are treated to a little hottie with a nice rack. At least they show them getting attacked by a zombie at some point, if only for a few seconds. It's the only nudity in the entire film.

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