Night of the Dead: Leben Tod (2006)

Directed by Eric Forsberg

box picture
Rating 2 (Mediocre)
Gore Score 5 (Guts Galore)
Special Effects 2 (Amateur Night)
Comedy Score 3 (Some Funny Scenes)
Horror Score 1 (Not Scary)
Nudity Score 3 (A Bit Nipply)

Movie Review by Al Fleshrot

Dr. Gabriel Schreklich is trying to develop a serum to create life from dead tissue, and when his wife and daughter are tragically killed in a hit and run he becomes obsessed with restoring them. Unfortunately the side affect of his work are a bunch of zombies, his family among them. He works and resides at a private clinic with the help of his dedicated staff and nephew, Peter. Peter's wife Anais is pregnant and also a "patient" at the clinic. As is typically the case in a zombie movie, at some point things just go to hell. A family arrives at the clinic seeking emergency help and the doctor decides to administer some serum to the dying girl while using a big plastic tube and a pump to do a blood transfusion from the girl's father! (I'm sure they teach you at medical school to just punch a hole in someone's chest and jam a one inch diameter plastic tube in the hole). The plot is a little shaky, so I'll just fast forward to the part where Peter and Anais are trying to escape the clinic filled with zombies. Peter has been bitten and is in fact pretty much a zombie already, but still manages to plow through some zombies armed with a shotgun and some reagent that neutralizes the zombie serum. His master plan was to rewire the gas line into the water line (and thus the overhead sprinkler system), and in the end he shoves Anais outside just as he ignites the entire facility. His nephew Peter is assisting him with research and is there with his wife who's pregnant, and slowly gets involved in the gruesome cleanup of all the mistakes. Dr's wife and kid get loose and gather up all the zombies because she's tired of waiting for her hubby to fix things. They rip off his head and stick it on the body of a headless zombie. Peter tries to escape with his wife, but gets bitten and turns into partial zombie. He floods the entire clinic with gas (through the water system) and his wife escapes as the building burns down. Turns out she was actually part of the experiments...

After the first 5 minutes of this film I was preparing for another low-budget, crappy, dull zombie experience. After 90 minutes of this film it was still low-budget and crappy, but strangely not so dull. If you're put off by digital movies with ultra cheesy effects and a script reminiscent of a bunch of drunks that stumbled across a video camera and just started filming, then you probably meant to read about Night of the Living Dead!

There are many, many inconsistencies in this film. I prefer my zombie movies to have clear rules about how they act and how they die, but this movie was all over the place. One zombie has his head caved in with a sledgehammer and then severed off completely, but the remaining body still walks around. Then you've got zombies that go down with one measly gunshot wound to the head. Other zombies stumble around like walking corpses should, but others are walking and talking like nothing ever happened. I suppose as a cop out you could chalk it all up to the many variations of the Doctor's serums, but if that's the case it wasn't clarified well enough.

I'm telling you straight up that this movie is crap, but not the really foul smelling kind that makes immediately you turn around when you walk into a public bathroom that some dude just fouled. It's got blood and guts galore, which is always good in a zombie movie even if some of the guts resemble strands of a cotton mop soaked in blood. While not necessary in a zombie film there a some bare breast shots too. Unfortunately the ones you want to see the most are never revealed - the pregnant heroine Anais spends the entire movie wearing a nighty and apparently it's pretty chilly.

For me it was a decent 90 minutes of entertainment, but provided nothing more than some humorous gore. Don't expect this to join your classic zombie movie collection.

Zombie Traits

Speed 2 (Human)
Intelligence 4 (Human)
Strength 2 (Normal)
Zombie SourceDr. Schreklich's experimental serums

The zombies are just not cool. Some walk and talk like humans, others are just dumb zombies. In some instances completely destroying their brain doesn't kill them because any part of the flesh is still "alive", but other times a shotgun blast takes them down.

Best Zombie Death
You know it's going to be an interesting ride when the first scene opens with a screaming frog! Dr. Schreklich pins down a pickled frog corpse and injects some of his latest serum. Soon it starts to quiver, then it starts screaming like a banshee. It starts to shake violently and soon falls off the desk into the Doctor's lap. He finally ends up stomping the frog into a bloody mess all over the floor!

Memorable Scene
Ok, I want this shotgun in my next tactical online shooter. Peter, after turning into a zombie grabs a shotgun and commences a killing spree. Without reloading he manages to squeeze off a whopping 25 shots! And who knows how many more were possible - the spree was cut short when a mob of zombies jumped him. But then the mystery rifle was suddenly in his girlfriend's hands (see, movies can do that when they cut to a new shot!) and she single shotted all six of his attackers. At first I just assumed she picked up the shotty, but she didn't pump it after each round and close examination revealed it was definitely not the same gun!

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