Flight of the Living Dead : Outbreak on a Plane (2007)

Directed by Scott Thomas

box picture
Rating 3 (Entertaining)
Gore Score 2 (Splatter here and there )
Special Effects 3 (Pretty Decent)
Comedy Score 3 (Some Funny Scenes)
Horror Score 2 (Mildly Scary)
Nudity Score 1 (Nun Approved)

Movie Review by Robert Moscoso

Coffee, Tea or Zombie? The next time you bitch about flight delays, lousy food, lost luggage and snakes, consider this: at least there were no undead aboard. The film is set on a transcontinental 747 manned by a crew full of Hollywood stereotypes, including slutty stewardess Stacey and compassionate Meagan, and even an aging pilot on his last flight before retirement. Rounding out the passenger manifest are Interpol agent Truman Burrows, his prisoner-in-tow Frank, assorted horny teens, a Tiger-Woods-like golf pro (trusty club in hand), his bitchy wife, a nun, a group of corrupt Medcon scientists—and one zombie. Their routine flight to Paris takes an unpleasant course when turbulence releases the scientists’ mysterious cargo: a cryo-chamber holding a woman infected with a bio-engineered virus that – you guessed it – revives the human body after death. Once the zombie woman is set free, she infects others and soon unleashes a plague of yellow-eyed undead upon the besieged travelers. With most of the plane overrun and passengers ending up as in-flight snacks, the last survivors must band together to fight off the horde and salvage their frequent flyer miles. Finally, they manage a crash-landing in a remote desert and escape unharmed. But a bunch of zombies have touched down as well…and they’re still hungry!

Director Scott Thomas blends disaster movie, zombie and comedic elements in this hybrid thriller once affectionately titled “Plane Dead”. Thomas grounds the film in uninspired character development that drags the action down, creates little suspense and may cause jetlag. The film only begins to take off in the second half, after the zombie horde is fully unleashed. There, the film pulls out all the stops in a bravura display of comic one-liners and zombie-fighting action. While Thomas is no Romero, he shows an eye for clever camera shots (zombie attacks reflected in a guard’s helmet and a scientist’s glasses) and impressive CGI for a low-budget feature. Unfortunately, the gore is light and unimaginative and the film never generates feelings of claustrophobia or true terror, even given its confined setting. Most of the comedy results from the (unintentionally?) cheesy dialogue and stupidity of the main characters. They carelessly fire guns and blow up parts of the plane without regard to potential depressurization. Funniest of all is the pilot, who after repeatedly hearing reports of zombie-related deaths, stubbornly refuses to land and urges everyone to “Just sit down and stay calm!” . Strangely, while the filmmakers clearly meant this film as an homage to the genre, the word “zombie” is never uttered. The attacking creatures are referred to as “inhuman things”, “mutants”, everything but. Haven’t any of these characters ever seen Dawn of the Dead? You may want to miss this flight and pop one of the tried and true classics into your DVD player instead.

Zombie Traits

Speed 2 (Human)
Intelligence 2 (Animal)
Strength 2 (Normal)
Zombie SourceBio-engineered Virus

Forget brains—these ferocious zombies go right for the jugular. They’re surprisingly agile: some of them are seen leaping through the aisles at their prey! And they prove hard to dispose of--going down easy but often getting up for seconds.

Best Zombie Kill
Occupied! One of the battling bimbos decides to seek refuge in the lavatory. When disturbing rattling seems to emanate from the toilet, she backs up—straight into zombies crashing through the bathroom mirror! The ravenous fiends drag her kicking and screaming into an air duct as her jock boyfriends try in vain to pull her free.

Best Zombie Death
“You don’t know who you messin’ with!” The golf-pro’s bitchy wife faces off mid-aisle against a snarling female zombie. It’s a stand-off, until the zombie-hating wife arms herself with an umbrella and stabs the tip right into the zombie’s mouth. The umbrella comes out right through the back of its skull—and then opens!

Memorable Scene
Zombie Pitfalls! In one of the film’s more interesting moments, a group of zombies emerge from the cargo hold, clawing through the carpeted cabin floor like they’re climbing out of the grave. They create a pit of death center-aisle and lunge at any passersby, dragging them down to their doom. Finally, the Interpol agent has had enough, and does the only reasonable thing he can—he tosses a makeshift bomb down the hatch, blowing the infested cargo hold to smithereens!

Robert Moscoso is a novelist, freelance writer and contributing writer for zombiebeat.com