Zombie (1979)

Directed by Lucio Fulci

box picture
Rating 4 (Pretty Damn Good)
Gore Score 3 (Bloody Moments)
Special Effects 4 (Good Stuff)
Comedy Score 1 (Not Funny)
Horror Score 4 (Very Scary)
Nudity Score 4 (T&A aplenty)

Movie Review by Al Fleshrot

When an apparently abandoned boat arrives in New York harbor, an investigating coast guard officer is killed by zombie hiding on board. Eventually the daughter of the boat owner and a reporter team up to find out what happened, leading them to a remote island that is plagued by the "disease". Once on the island, the zombie horde grows out of control and the pair flee the island and head back to New York. While en route, the movie ends with them picking up a radio broadcast about chaos in New York as zombies are spreading throughout the city.

This movie is a solid zombie flick intended as pure horror. The zombies are some of the creepiest ones I've seen, and are completely devoid of any emotion. The movie does a good job of creating a desperate and terrifying environment for the foursome that are running through the forest while zombies arise everywhere. Now, some of the zombie attacks are quite silly; the director apparently wanted to highlight the gore and the victim just sits there helpless while the special effects are showcased. But hey, that's what we like to see!

Zombie Traits

Speed 1 (Sloth)
Intelligence 1 (George W)
Strength 2 (Normal)
Zombie Sourcedisease on the island, origin unknown

These zombies are extremely slow walkers, but when they get close to a victim they strike with surprising speed.

Best Zombie Kill
The doctor's wife gets cornered in a room and blockades the door with a piece of furniture. But above the door the zombie is able to punch through the wooden slats, causing one of them to leave a jagged splinter facing the poor woman. It grabs her by the head and slowly (I mean real slowly!) pulls her toward the wooden shard. She screams as her eyeball (in direct line with the splinter) is pierced and then popped out to the side. From the time she gets grabbed to her eyeball getting gouged is about 40 seconds!

Best Zombie Death
Unfortunately there wasn't a single zombie death that out shined all the others! Just your standard blow off their heads with a shotgun or smash them with blunt objects.

Memorable Scene
When en route to the islands, one of the main characters is scuba diving below the boat when a shark appears. She hides on the bottom, but a swimming zombie attacks. She fends it off by rubbing coral in its face and escapes. The zombie then attacks the shark, ripping a nice chunk of flesh from it. But ultimately the shark bites off one of the zombie's arms. The whole scene was kind of stupid because it just looked like a trained diver wrestling with a tame shark, and it ended abruptly with no apparent winner.

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