Day of the Dead (1985)

Directed by George A Romero

box picture
Rating 4 (Pretty Damn Good)
Gore Score 5 (Guts Galore)
Special Effects 5 (Steven Speilburg)
Comedy Score 2 (Mildly Humorous)
Horror Score 4 (Very Scary)
Nudity Score 1 (Nun Approved)

Movie Review by Al Fleshrot

A small group of soldiers and scientists have taken residence in an underground military base. Tensions are already high and a dangerous rift forms between the brains and the brawn. The soldiers risk their lives to capture zombies from the outlying caves and deliver them to the labs for study and experimentation. Dr. Logan's research concentrates on behaviour as he tries to show that the zombies can learn and be conditioned not to attack humans, while Sarah tries to find out what causes the zombie's condition. But the captain grows impatient and puts enormous pressure on everyone. Everything comes to a head when an accident during a routine zombie collection results in the death of two soldiers. And when the captain finds out Logan has been feeding the remains of his dead soldiers to zombie subjects he blows a gasket and kills the scientist. He then murders Dr. Ted Fisher to show John (the pilot) he means business. He plans to escape the complex via the helicopter - leaving Sarah and McDermott behind to fend for themselves in the zombie infested caverns. But Miguel shakes things up by using the lift to the surface and destroying the contorls behind him. He opens the fence, admitting a swarm of zombies! Then he lays down on the lift and when they start to devour him alive he lowers the lift. The captain and his remaining men are hunted down and eaten alive. John, Sarah and McDermott find another way to the surface and escape in the helicopter.

Part three of Romero's Dead series, this one paints the grimmest picture. This movie represents the transition from mass hysteria to survivors coping with being the minority in a world overrun with undead. Each of the survivors copes with the hopelessness in their own way - be it apathy, lunacy, complacency or obsession. Instead of working together toward a common goal, the tension and stress prove to much to bear and the group self destructs. While not as good as Dawn of the Dead, this movie does not disappoint in blood and gore. Intestines galore and zombie mania!

Zombie Traits

Speed 1 (Sloth)
Intelligence 2 (Animal)
Strength 2 (Normal)
Zombie Sourceunknown

These zombies are just as slow as ever, but they have learned to fear both the brutal soldiers and Dr. Logan's experiments!

Best Zombie Kill
Chaos has taken hold of the underground base as zombies break through the outer defenses. The commander abandons his men and heads into the lab area where Bub the zombie has broken free of his restraints. They meet head to head in a corridor, and Bub shoots the commander in the shoulder with a recently aquired handgun. The commander struggles to escape in disbelief and Bub shoots him again. Crawling desparately to the doors at the end of the hall, the commander opens them to find a swarm of zombies on the other side. Bub gets one more shot off, this time getting the commander in the gut. The horde closes in and they rip the commander open as he screams. They rip him in half and he yells "Choke on it!" as they pull his legs down the corridor.

Best Zombie Death
McDermott and Sarah are forced to fend for their lives in the dark caves filled with zombies. Sarah is attacked and struggles desparately on the ground with a zombie. She manages to get the monster on its back, and McDermott plunges a shovel into its mouth. He then grinds it until he severs the head right off above the lower jaw and flings the head away. It ends up turned upside down and its eyes follow the two survivors as the flee the scene.

Memorable Scene
Miguel loses a zombie when the neckstrap holding it at bay breaks. The monster attacks another soldier, biting and tearing his throat. The soldier fires his gun wildly, ripping down a comrade in the process. Finally Pvt. Steel blows the zombie away. In a fit of rage, Miguel attacks a second zombie with a pole and in the ensuing struggle manages to get bitten in the arm. He panics and runs toward the John and McDermott's trailer with Sarah close behind. Using a big rock, she knocks him out with a few well placed blows to the head. She then proceeds to hack and saw off the infected arm with a machete! Then she cooly cauterizes the stump with a makeshift torch.

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