I recently attended a gaming conference in Indianapolis, where I anticipated watching or playing some zombie-themed board games. What I didn't expect was an actual outbreak right at the convention center! Fortunately a brave conference attendee was able to take some photographs of the deadly horde; unfortnately I received the camera in a sorry state - the lens was broken and it was covered with blood - and so it seems the photographer has made the ultimate sacrifice in order to show these images to the public.

Zombie #1
Clearly the crowd is terrified, see how they run in terror from this walking corpse!
Zombie #2
Looks like this guy just finished lunch - was it a juicy brain or just cherry pie?
Zombie #3
I want your brains!
Zombie #4
Stop poking me with that damned cattle prod!
Zombie #5
Table manners aren't at the top of this one's list - looks like he needs a clean shirt.
Zombie #6
Maybe if I walk really slowly I can just blend in...