Zombies recently invaded an Indianapolis gaming convention! Read the story and see the pictures.

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Zombie costumes banned after brutal assault
Bangor, Maine - Thu, 3 Jan 2008
Donny Jenks was acquitted late yesterday of all charges stemming from a brutal assault that occurred in late October last year. On October 29th, the twenty-two year old Jenks buried a small hand ax three inches deep in the skull ...
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Woman gives birth to zombie baby
Monrovia CA - Fri, 16 Nov 2007
Doctors at a hospital in Monrovia are baffled by the first recorded case of a zombie baby being delivered from a mother who is clearly not undead. The mother, who's name has not been disclosed because she is a minor, ...
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Ancient Zombie Discovered?
Tbilisi, Georgia - Tue, 6 Nov 2007
Researchers at Tbilisi State University in the capital city of Georgia have uncovered the near complete fossilized skeleton of a Homo erectus, estimated to be over 1.5 million years old. While the role of Homo erectus in the ...
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They are coming. An army unlike anything we've ever witnessed. Savages, barbarians, berserkers - words that cannot begin to describe the unwavering ferociousness, the unquenchable thirst of this new army. Fatigue, famine, disease, desertion, morale. These obstacles faced by conventional armies during a long campaign are utterly inconsequential to this new threat. Enlistment is neither voluntary nor compulsory - it is inevitable. Conquerors of the past employed a strategy of absorption. Vanquish your enemies, then show them mercy and use them to refortify the ranks. But this new force gives no quarter. Surrendering is not an option. You die. You become one of them. You join the swelling ranks of the walking dead.

Make no mistake, the threat of zombies is real. Contained on this very site are multiple accounts of the undead. Sure, you may call them movies, but take heed of the information you read here. You never know when a hungry corpse will show up on your doorstep with a hankering for human flesh.

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